Sweating the small stuff.

I am embarrassed to admit, but I am one of those people. Very judgemental and constantly criticising every body and everything around me especially myself.
I think it came from my childhood as I craved for the affection and approval of my parents and told myself that if I was good and looked good, people would like me.
Later on, I discovered that people would generally like and accept me if I am just myself. If they didn’t like me it was also okay, because for various reasons we don’t like everyone that we meet.
It was only once I started to accept myself and stopped wanting people’s approval, that the pieces came together.
I realised that the only opinion of me that mattered was that of my own.  I am the only one that has to like the person in the mirror.  If I don’t, I am the only person that can change that.
Self acceptance and love are the only things that really matter, as people’s perceptions are very subjective to their circumstances, upbringing and emotional state of mind.
I mean, really, what does it matter if we are tall, short, rich, poor, fat or thin? Isn’t it better to be happy and healthy than to do all kinds of things to impress people and in the process ruin yourself?


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