When you have a flat battery

Isn’t it just frustrating if you get in the car and can’t get it started, because the battery is flat? You are stuck, but with a jump start or a little push you are on your way.  Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and at times you have no option, but to replace the battery.

In a way we are a lot like cars. We need fuel to generate energy and we also need to charge our batteries to get started.  From time to time we need a thorough service.

When you go to the petrol station to fill up, you use the right fuel that will give your car optimal performance.  The same applies to us.  If you fill your tank with complaints,self pity and overreaction, you start performing poorly and your life becomes full of drama.

On the other hand you should understand the following very clearly. Life is filled with challenges and obstacles that we have to overcome in order to move forward.  When we start looking for opportunities to grow, life will still remain challenging, but the obstacles will change into building blocks.

When I wanted to take the children to school this morning, the battery was flat. A friend helped me to push the car down the road, but it didn’t help, until another friend came to jump start it. After breakfast, I drove to the battery shop and bought a new one.

I went to bed quite late last night and felt grumpy this morning.  The flat battery just added to the agitation.  I could’ve have turned the incident into a huge drama and made myself miserable, but instead I just paused. “Thank you, Lord that my battery died when I was at home. Thank you, Lord, that I have the means to replace the battery. Thank you, Lord for sending helping hands to assist me.

I am still thinking of the right words to portray the incident in a humorous way. It will come to me when I have chai latte with my friend later today.  One lesson I have learned though, is that one shouldn’t wear your pj’s when you take the children to school, because you might end up pushing the car in peak hour traffic. Haha.


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