Negative thoughts

When your raft tips over,what are you going to do?

You have a few options:

1) You can get back on and finish the ride;

2) You can swim to the riverbank and go back to where you came from.

3) You can wait either,for someone to rescue you or to die.

You are probably like, Duh, it’s easy, get back on the raft.

Well, if it’s that easy, why are there so many people standing on the river bank and even more people drowning.

The answer is simple.  We limited ourselves with thoughts of fear. We lie to ourselves about our own abilities. We constantly complain about everything that is wrong with the world, instead of doing something about it. We allow ourselves to become victims of our circumstances.

I dare you to do the following:

1) Be thankful for the good things in your life;

2)smile about everything that you have to be thankful for;

3) do one thing that you enjoy;

4) spend time with a friend or family member.

Yes, bad things happen, but what we do afterwards, determines how we will feel about things.

If we open our minds to the possibility of a good life, things will change.

I made a decision a few weeks ago to be happier and healthier.  It’s not easy to be positive all the time, because there are a lot of negatives, negative colleagues and family, the news, the economy. I still persisted.  I want to be positive. I started excersizing, eating right, spending time with different loved ones every week. Listening to good upbeat music, but something was still draining my energy and pulling me down.

It is time to find another career path. I have to find something that fits in with my positive lifestyle.

I am on my journey and will let you know once I found what I am looking for.


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